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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Winter/Spring 2010 Lyric Contest Winners


I Threw It Away by Matt Abell, Stroudsburg, PA

Music Carry Me by Donna Lisa, Westfield, NJ

Katrina by Mark Crisp, Arroyo Grande, CA

Whiskey Wins by Donna Scoggins, Dallas, Tx


First Place...I Threw It Away

I will critique as I type.

I THREW IT AWAY © Matt Abell


I dragged the box out to the trash

And struggled with the weight

The memories, they didn't last

But took up so much space

So many silly souvenirs

I see them now and cry

I held onto them all these years

But can't remember why


I threw my heart away today

It lay there next to yesterday's

Sour milk and spoiled eggs (meat)

There was nothing left in it (to keep)

So I threw it away


The figurine that fell and cracked

The broken vase you gave

I tried to glue the pieces back

But they never fit the same

(b etter verse)

The figurine that fell and broke

My favorite one from you

But like my heart it wouldn't mend

No matter how much glue

/"We faded like these photographs

Tarnished like this ring

The shine wore off, so did the laughs (love)

So impercepitibly (The heartache it would bring)



You used to be so dear to me

But love is strange like that (But love can change so fast)

In time it changes everything (Sometimes it's really hard to see

And (When) treasure turns to trash


Second Place...Music Carry Me



(Remove words in brackets)

You gave me two children, (you) gave me your love

At least I thought you did

But you were (just) taking me for a (slow) ride

And keeping you motives (well) hid

You took my money and most of my pride

The kids begged "Daddy stay"

You took almost all that I had (But I've still got one thing left)

That you can't take away

CHORUS (chorus needs to be the same throughout the song. Your chorus is too long

Music carry me through

I'm a sad and broken old friend

Music carry me through

Help me get back on my feet again

You sang a ballad llike nobody else

Sang it soft and low

Add (When you were part of my musical show)

(Leave these next lines out)

Beautiful lady, I asked you to join me and sing in my musical show

I'd been traveling and singing for years

While you were fresh and new

You turned to me for advice and each night

I grew closer and closer to you


I kn ow people laughed when we (first) said our vows

"He's much too old for her"

But nobody dared to say straight to my face (But no one said nary a word)

"Hey, she's after you money, (for sure) sir

(Besides) I don't pay mind to gossip (and talk), I do just what I feel( Shorten this line)

( Your love had just consummed me

And knocked me on my heels

But for you, it wasn't real)



It's been years (months) since you left (me) for good

I heard you sing last night

(Sat in the first row and) Watched the audience whistled and cheer (with delight)

I caught your eye for a moment or two (You were doing everything right)

Your smile was flushed (perfect) and sweet

Then your head turned and you smiled the same way (But I've seen that look many times)

At a man sitting right next to me (It's just another repeat)

(Chock full of loving deceit)


Third Place...Katrina © Mark Crisp

Good imagery in this song but you had no rhyme pattern. You need to rhyme either the 1st & 3rd lines or the 2nd & 4th lines. Also make sure your meters match in each of the verses.

Since this is the 5th anniversary of that terrible storm, improve the song and put it on you tube.

Honorable Mention....Whiskey Wins © Donna Scoggins

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